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How to Be an Interesting Person in the Room

How can you be the most interesting person in the room? You will admit that it is always boring to be next to someone who is dull and you do not want to be that person in the room. It possible to be an impressive person that everyone wants to associate with. This article highlights the things you can do to make people recognize your presence and see you as an interesting person.

Do not talk, but listen – Give others the opportunity to talk about themselves. As people talk about their achievements, they find it fulfilling. In fact, other people are willing to pay others to talk about themselves. Give them the chance to talk and do not interfere. Though, you must be ready to listen. Remember that those who talk want attention and you must show that you really care about they are saying. Be attentive by maintaining eye contact and asking queries once in a while. Just show the person that you are interested in the topic.

Ask the right questions – As said, questions show that you are an active listener and they motivate the person to talk more on the topic. Be careful with the selection of questions that you ask so that you do not discourage the person in the long run. The responses to the questions are important and you must show that they are helpful to you.

Share with people – Sharing is an act of generosity likely to make you an interesting person. You should not make huge sacrifices, but little things can make huge impacts. Offer to share tips on how to do something, share items like pens and notebooks, and notify others about a job opening. Be authentic and if you make promises, fulfill them. Show your concern for the person and he or she will most likely find you appealing.

Be inclusive – Do not be self-centered and always think about others. Picture this; you are at an event, and you notice a lonely person who cannot find someone to socialize with. Everyone dreads to be lonely especially in a social place and striking a conversation, you will be of great help to the person. You can also introduce the person to a group so that he or she continues to make friends and have discussions. The most interesting person is supportive, kind and inclusive.

Do the unexpected – Normal talks are never captivating and no one remembers after the end of the conversation. Therefore, do something extraordinary to create a long lasting impression. When everyone is not willing to take up a task, show up and do it the best way possible. If you are giving speech, do not hesitate to talk about your embarrassing moments and many will link with it because everyone has had an embarrassing moment.

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