Lessons Learned About

How to Basically Deal with the Death of a Loved One

Most of the people who have just lost their loved one or someone who is very important in their lives are commonly experiencing the five stages of loss or mourning and grief, with the first stage as denial and isolation, then anger, bargaining, depression, and the fifth and last stage is acceptance. The stages of grief and mourning is also being experienced by the individuals who have just learned that they have a terminal illness, and these stages may not occur or felt or experienced by the individual accordingly or specifically in order. Being denial about the hurtful truth and the reality is actually recognized as a common and normal defense mechanism of the people, and isolation comes after to assist their feelings of denial. Anger is also one of the stages for the people would often blame and feel resentment towards the loved ones who have left them for causing them pain and for leaving them; while bargaining, on the other hand, is when the people would often produce if only statements and such is a weaker line of defense that can protect them from the painful and heartbreaking reality. There are basically two kinds of depression stage, such as a reaction to any practical implications that may be related to their loss, and reaction that is subtle and private. The acceptance stage, being the final stage, typically happens when the people have finally cope up with the reality that their loved ones have already passed away and left them.

The best way or method to cope up with the fact that their loved ones are gone is to engrave and remember their memories forever, and it is also best for the people to understand their loved one who died is already out of pain and has arrived in a much better place. To always remember that there is no rulebook on how a person or individual should deal with their loved ones’ death; to stop and prevent yourself from judging one’s self, especially when you get to accept this reality immediately for each of us may respond differently; and to plan a proper celebration of the loved ones’ life when he or she is still alive, for doing such act can help you make yourself busy, are just some of the basic ways that the people should do when they want or plan to deal the death of their loved ones. Deciding on what to do on your beloved’s memorial services is actually an example of the ways that can help make a person busy and can basically help them cope up with their loss.